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LUDWIG CHARTS - young curators choose/make/draw from "TopARTS"

Since autumn 2013 the LUDWIG Gallery Schloss Oberhausen is partner in the project "of us - for us! The museums in our city discovered."

With their idea of the "LUDWIG"CHARTS, the project leaders Ursula Bendorf Depenbrock and Sabine Falkenbach the full promotion secured until December 2015 through the German Museums Association that "culture is the project within the framework of the support program strength. Carries out alliances for education"of the Federal Ministry for education and research.

In June started the sixth by a total of seven measures now: also a new season of LUDWIG CHARTS begins with each new exhibition at the gallery.

The concept: Children and young people sign up voluntarily as peer Teamers, they explore the LUDWIG Gallery and intensively deal with the respective exhibition. They decide individually what they particularly like, they agree in the group then on a selection of ten works, the TOP 10. In preparation for the peer Teamers will also receive coaching, the she the TOP 10 before friends and relatives, classmates and Museum visitors should prepare for subsequent presentation. These include body and voice training with the free theatre director Barbara pit mug and media workshops with Kevin Casper of the Press Club in Oberhausen and the photographer Axel Scherer. They include Monika Kempkes as the solid project team as Eva Depenbrock, Linda Schmitz, Davina Te Heesen, Gitta Winhuysen, Thomas trees, and support the museum educators who care mainly about the museum education of the participants.

The current sixth of seven seasons is Hauptschule Segmation now the fifth cooperation with the culture school. There has the project spread now and has long been the surefire:

The seven new peer Teamers Melissa and Vanessa Jansen, Fatih Köse, Elmaona Morina, Sara Sejdijevi, Vanessa Vittinghof, and Angelina Wermekes, deal intensively with the GREEN CITY - shaped landscape - exhibition networked nature - is the Ruhr area in art from May 10 to 13 September 2015, currently in the LUDWIG Gallery to see. With children of Louise and Falcon stone school are also this time.
The exhibition of the TOP TEN in the Artothek held by 9/11 and the 13.9 of 2015. The participatory action for all Museum guests with chart maps and picture stickers directly in the first week of the holiday starts on July 1. The opening of the exhibition of the TOP TEN with the culture Director of Apostolos Tsalastras is on the Friday, 11.9.2015 at 14: 00.

Film about the current season of the LUDWIG CHARTS:

More seasons of LUDWIG CHARTS can be found here:



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