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Vernissage: Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2022, 11 Uhr

Oberhausen – Aufbruch macht Geschichte

Strukturwandel 1847–2040. Eine Ausstellung des Stadtarchivs Oberhausen

23.10.2022 bis 22.01.2023


The closure of the Concordia colliery in 1967/68 marked the collapse of structural change in the everyday life and consciousness of Oberhausen's urban population. However, economic and social change has determined the entire history of the city since the development of the Lipperheide by the railway in 1847 until today.


In a special way, two epochs of experienced upheaval characterize Oberhausen. In the "Structural Change 1.0" from 1896 to 1934, the city centre changed its face. The industry at today's Friedensplatz was replaced by public and private services, as engines for quality of life and central importance in the industrial city. In the "Structural Change 2.0", the city received a new economic foundation with leisure and services in the Neue Mitte Oberhausen. At the same time, the city's self-image changed. The "cradle of the Ruhr industry" became the "tourism capital of the Ruhr area".


With photos, maps, newspapers and other documents, but also with films and interviews, the exhibition of the city archive impressively shows the changes in the cityscape and in the feelings of the contemporary population – an exciting look into the history of the city of Oberhausen.


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