Großes Schloss (Vorschau)

Vernissage: Samstag, 18. Januar 2020 um 19 Uhr

Fotografin unter Musikern

Linda McCartney – The Sixties and more

19.01.2020 bis 03.05.2020


When the American Linda Eastman began taking photographs in the mid-1960s she immediately came into contact with the rock 'n' roll scene. A press invitation opened the doors to a Rolling Stones promotion party on the SS Sea Panther on the Hudson River for her. This is where her unusual career began. “It was the time when Jimi Hendrix came into my apartment out of the blue, covered in snow, and I had dinner with Jim Morrison in Chinatown. I once bought peanut butter with Janis Joplin for a midnight feast and another time I took the subway through the city with Jackson Browne.” She also made acquaintances the Beatles and her later husband Paul.


In the form of photos from the sixties the exhibition vividly shows powerful moments from this intense musical era. Her work is complemented by her Roadworks and experimental Sun Prints.


An independent display of record covers with their special designs also offers an additional insight into the era of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Vernissage: Samstag, 9. Mai 2020 um 19 Uhr

Rudolf Holtappel – The Future Has Already Begun

Ruhr Region chronicler, theatre documentarist and department store photographer – a photographic retrospective from 1950-2013

10.05.2020 bis 06.09.2020


“Grey – with a clear view only three times a year” is how Holtappel described the Ruhr Region, photographing white laundry with a backdrop of smoking chimneys, gripping dramas on theatre stages and people in the act of consuming in the midst of department store environments. Landscape photographs as well as architectural and city portraits are created for numerous illustrated books, and industry or people at work or leisure form the subjects. In addition to snapshots featuring precise observation, his images also show studio photography setups of objects for advertising purposes and stage photography as well as artist portraits. He worked for Henkel and Karstadt for many years, his photographic work significantly influencing the public perception of these companies. Other clients include WDR, WAZ and Bull General Electric. Numerous of Holtappel's photos have titles that inspire a little smile, such as “The future has already begun”. His titles are bizarre and experimental, as are his handling of fine print techniques (bromide oil prints, cyanotypes and salt prints) and camera material from “Gaby's Minolta”.


For the first time the retrospective provides a comprehensive insight into the diversity of the oeuvre of Rudolf Holtappel (1923-2013). Oberhausen was home to Holtappel for over half a century. The estate has been preserved in LUDWIGGALERIE Schloss Oberhausen since 2017. The point of origin of the exhibition is his chronological archive, consisting of around 360,000 negatives in both black and white and colour.

Vernissage: Samstag, 12. September 2020 um 19 Uhr

The Robber Hotzenplotz, Krabat and The Little Witch

Otfried Preußler – storyteller and creator of figures

13.09.2020 bis 10.01.2021


Otfried Preußler (1923-2013) is one of the most important and influential German authors of books for children and young people. As well as the fantastical, fairytale-like stories he related so skilfully, it is also the striking illustrations that have inscribed themselves into the collective memory of several generations. The little ghost that turns black in daylight, the one hundred and twenty-seven year-young witch and the Little Water-Sprite living at the mill pond still make their way into many children's rooms to this day.


Various illustrators have given the figures their characteristic and unmistakable look. The drawings of Franz Josef Tripp who gave the Robber Hotzenplotz his highly distinctive appearance are particularly well known. The exhibition also illuminates Preußler's curiously novel word creations. Muhme Rumpumpel, Hörbe and his friend Zwottel are distinguished by their high recognition value, both linguistically and figuratively. Preußler's adaptation of the Sorbian saga Krabat was successfully filmed in 2008 and is only one example of the successful transfer of his stories into other media.

Kleines Schloss (Vorschau)

Vernissage: 2 February 2020

Jacques Tilly

Politics and provocation – Cartoons in XXL

02.02.2020 bis 14.06.2020


The satirist Jacques Tilly from Düsseldorf has found a unique way to formulate his contributions to politics and society that are often laced with a biting sense of humour: he builds them three-dimensionally in XXL. Whether Putin, Erdogan or Trump, the despots, demagogues and dictators of our world are unmasked and disenchanted by Tilly with pinpoint accuracy.


Thoughts are first arranged on paper in the form of scribbles and drawings. Tilly and his team then construct these into huge sculptures which are transported on wagons and brought to the people. Initially the Düsseldorf Carnival is the only event (and still the most important today) where the giant-format cartoons progress through the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital. In the meantime though his wagons dedicated to Greta Thunberg, Orbán/Kaczynski and Brexit can also be seen abroad. The whole world bears witness thanks to the echo ensuing in the media. Tilly's images speak a language that can be understood by everyone and that is also capable of humorously pointing out the grievances of the world in distant lands such as Thailand or Arab states.


LUDWIGGALERIE Schloss Oberhausen presents this important and unique caricaturist for the first time in an exhibition. In addition to the development process of the concept and its implementation, the media presence is also focused on as a new and international form of distribution and impact. And of course his sculptures – caricatures in size XXL.

Vernissage: Sonntag, 21. Juni 2020, 12 Uhr

Der Kunstverein zu Gast in der LUDWIGGALERIE

PARALLEL – Dieter Nuhr. Im Kabinett: Bahar Balvand

21.06.2020 bis 13.09.2020


Vernissage: Sonntag, 27. September 2020, 11 Uhr

Oberhausen – Aufbruch macht Geschichte

Strukturwandel 1847 – 2006, eine Ausstellung des Stadtarchivs Oberhausen

27.09.2020 bis 17.01.2021



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