Ludwig Collection

The Ludwig Galerie Schloss Oberhausen owes its name to the collecting couple of Peter and Irene Ludwig. The benefactors became involved as early as the 1980s with the Ludwig Institut für Kunst der DDR in Oberhausen. Since the 1990s works of art from their collection have been presented together in Oberhausen under the context of key themes.

Peter and Irene Ludwig already began collecting their first works of art during university studies in Mainz. Today thousands of objects characterise the unique profile of the collection. Original objects of the highest quality were integrated as well as interrelated series of works. Collecting activities were exercised across whole eras and continents to gather artefacts from Greek antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Baroque, Rococo, pre-Columbian art, Africa, China and India to contemporary art, with works of Pablo Picasso and American pop art as magnificent highlights. Faience, tiles, porcelain, Islamic ceramics, furniture and the applied arts were as highly esteemed as the most admirable products of painting and sculpture. The couple declaredly collected with the public in mind.

Short biographies

Peter Ludwig
Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult., born on 9th July 1925 in Coblenz as the son of Dr. jur. Fritz Ludwig and Helene Ludwig, nee Klöckner, from the family of the Klöckner concern. Studies in art history, archaeology, prehistory and ancient history and philosophy at the University of Mainz. In 1950 a dissertation on 'Picasso's Concept of Man as an Expression of an Awareness of Life According to Generation'. In 1951 marriage to Irene Monheim. Successful activity in the family company of Monheim / Ludwig Schokolade. A member of numerous museum committees. International honours and awards. Peter Ludwig passed away on 22nd July 1996 in Aachen.

Irene Ludwig
Professor Dr. h.c. mult., born on 17th June 1927 in Aachen as the daughter of Olga Ella and Franz Monheim, the owner of the traditional family enterprise in Aachen. Studies in art history, archaeology and prehistory and ancient history in Mainz. A member of numerous museum committees. International honours and awards. Irene Ludwig passed away on 10th November 2010 in Aachen.

An interest in art and culture was kindled at the parental homes of both Irene and Peter Ludwig. As a joint activity the married couple have continuously expanded their collection since the days of their studies together.


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