Großes Schloss (Aktuell)

Rudolf Holtappel – Die Zukunft hat schon begonnen

Ruhr Region chronicler, theatre documentarist and department store photographer – a photographic retrospective from 1950-2013

10.05.2020 bis 06.09.2020


“Grey – with a clear view only three times a year” is how Holtappel described the Ruhr Region, photographing white laundry with a backdrop of smoking chimneys, gripping dramas on theatre stages and people in the act of consuming in the midst of department store environments. Landscape photographs as well as architectural and city portraits are created for numerous illustrated books, and industry or people at work or leisure form the subjects. In addition to snapshots featuring precise observation, his images also show studio photography setups of objects for advertising purposes and stage photography as well as artist portraits. He worked for Henkel and Karstadt for many years, his photographic work significantly influencing the public perception of these companies. Other clients include WDR, WAZ and Bull General Electric. Numerous of Holtappel's photos have titles that inspire a little smile, such as “The future has already begun”. His titles are bizarre and experimental, as are his handling of fine print techniques (bromide oil prints, cyanotypes and salt prints) and camera material from “Gaby's Minolta”.


For the first time the retrospective provides a comprehensive insight into the diversity of the oeuvre of Rudolf Holtappel (1923-2013). Oberhausen was home to Holtappel for over half a century. The estate has been preserved in LUDWIGGALERIE Schloss Oberhausen since 2017. The point of origin of the exhibition is his chronological archive, consisting of around 360,000 negatives in both black and white and colour

The Collection O. Old Treasures – New Wishes

The art property of the city of Oberhausen

17.05.2020 bis 06.09.2020


The LUDWIGGALERIE calls a small art treasure its own. In recent years, a number of works have been added through donations and thanks to the support of the circle of friends of the LUDWIGGALERIE and others. The current presentation presents works that have long been owned by the city, as well as those that have been added to the collection. Explicitly Mention the donation of graphics by Wolfgang Wissing, the combination of the purchase and donation of the works of Walter Dohmen by the Lions Club Oberhausen-Glückauf and the donation of Dirk Hupe. In addition, we are looking for other godparents on a "wall of wishes" who would like to make a new work possible for the LUDWIGGALERIE.



Known and unknown works will surprise you!

Kleines Schloss (Aktuell)

Der Kunstverein zu Gast in der LUDWIGGALERIE

PARALLEL - Dieter Nuhr, Ferne und Dauer. Im Kabinett: Bahar Batvand, Akzidenz

21.06.2020 bis 13.09.2020


Dieter Nuhr works as an artist on various platforms: he is satirist, author and visual artist. After studying art with a focus on painting, he now devotes himself to conceptual photography. Travelling, he explores the world, documents offside worlds, transforms them into images and thus creates an archive of unnoticed places and things. His detailed observations with the camera make visible objects that usually remain rather unseen. Although Nuhr's works are photographs in a technical sense, they seem primarily picturesque. They show their motif frontally and in great clarity, impressive through colour sound and image composition. The image object, which at first glance often seems unworthy of image, experiences a new, dignified existence through its elevation to the motif.


Bahar Batvand is an Iranian-born artist who studied painting at the Free Islamic University of Tehran. After entering Germany in 2000, she began studying stage design at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts, where she graduated as a master student with Prof. Karl Kneidl. In Batvand's works, the focus is on the material as discarded pieces of furniture and scrap parts and its immanent nature. It breaks down the surfaces of the objects, exposes them to the weather and thus establishes a new substance, a new content.


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