Großes Schloss (Aktuell)

Fantastic trip with Jim Knopf, Bastian and Momo

Michael Ende - Images and stories

24.09.2023 bis 14.01.2024


Ride through fantasies on the lucky dragon Fuchur, meet the childlike empress, sit in the attic with Bastian, accompany Momo on the run from the time thieves, brew the satanarchaeolügenialkohöllisch wishing punch or appoint the illusory giant Tur Tur as a lighthouse with Jim Button and Lukas. These world-famous stories have been inspiring and touching for decades. Fantasy and reality meet again and again and one thing is clear: It's never too late to dive into the masterpieces of Michael Ende!


A wide variety of illustrators and draughtsmen have translated Ende's literary cosmos of fantastic figures and heroic figures into visual worlds that can be experienced visually. F. J. Tripp, who also gives shape to Otfried Preußler's robber Hotzenplotz, creates icons of book art with Jim Knopf, Lukas and Emma. Regina Kehn develops the crazy ensemble of characters of the wishing punch and Roswitha Quadflieg gives the Neverending Story the legendary initials. On the occasion of the book's 40th anniversary, it is the artist Sebastian Meschenmoser who gives this world-famous story a new appearance. The resulting colorful oil paintings can be seen in the exhibition.


The artists are also accompanied by a wide variety of drawing styles, techniques and visual languages, so that the impressive overview shows not only Michael Ende's extensive oeuvre, but also icons of illustration art. On the basis of more than 300 original drawings, paintings and book editions, this grandiose pictorial world can be discovered for the first time in an exhibition in Oberhausen.


In addition, a separate exhibition area is dedicated to the painter and father of Michael Endes, Edgar Ende, with paintings and drawings. Other guests include hero Michael Ende's puppets from the Düsseldorf Marionette Theatre.


Many of Ende's stories have been transferred to other media: audio books and plays, theatre, musical theatre and puppet show adaptations, film and cartoons as well as merchandising products also bear witness to the immense popularity of the characters.


The exhibition is supported by the Stadtsparkasse Oberhausen and the Freundeskreis der LUDWIGGALERIE. The cultural partner is WDR 3.

Kleines Schloss (Aktuell)

Oberhausen – Awakening makes history

Strukturwandel 1847–2040. An exhibition of the Oberhausen City Archive

22.10.2023 bis 21.01.2024


The closure of the Concordia colliery in 1967/68 marked the collapse of structural change in the everyday life and consciousness of the Oberhausen city population. However, economic and social change have determined the entire history of the town since the development of Lipperheide by the railway in 1847 until today. Und auch die Wirtschaftsgeschichte begreift den globalen Wandel seit 1750 – von der landwirtschaftlich geprägten Gesellschaft über das Industriezeitalter bis in die Dienstleistungsgesellschaft – als einen einzigen Vorgang, den Strukturwandel.


Two epochs of experienced new beginnings characterize Oberhausen in a special way. In the "Structural Change 1.0" from 1896 to 1934, the inner city changed its face. Industry at today's Friedensplatz was replaced by public and private services, as engines for quality of life and central importance in the industrial city.


In the "Structural Change 2.0", the city received a new economic foundation with leisure and services in the Neue Mitte Oberhausen. At the same time, the self-image of the city changed. The "cradle of the Ruhr industry" became the "tourism capital of the Ruhr area".


With photos, maps, newspapers and other written material, but also with films and interviews, the exhibition of the city archive impressively shows the changes in the cityscape and in the perception of the contemporary population - an exciting look into the history of the city of Oberhausen


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