Großes Schloss (Aktuell)

ART ABOUT SHOES – From poulaine to sneaker

HEINER MEYER – German Pop Art in stiletto format

17.01.2021 bis 24.05.2021


The shoe is one of the pieces of clothing that has always moved people. Not only means against cold and heat, injury and dirt, the shoe is above all projection surface for social position, that "go through the world" and of course erotic fantasies. From antiquity to contemporary works, from the Middle Ages to Allen Jones, the range of often unusual art representations of human footwear in this exhibition ranges. The absence of the shoe, the imprint of the shoe and the symbolic meaning of the shoe are also presented in artistic expressions. A separate area is dedicated to the red shoe.


As an "exhibition in the exhibition" a special focus is on the artistic work of Heiner Meyer. Shoes will also be found here – especially sexy high heels. But his superheroes from the world of comics, his transformations from the world of advertising, his quotes from American pop art and all the glamorous things that make up the dazzling work of this multi-layered artist also show strong positions of German Pop Art.

Kleines Schloss (Aktuell)

Walter Kurowski - artist cartoonist cultural legend

A retrospective from 1956–2015

31.01.2021 bis 30.05.2021


Urban artist, graphic artist, painter, poster designer, jazz musician: Walter Kurowski's life's work consists of a multitude of artistic forms of expression. His works are captivating with their precise powers of observation, which can capture the character traits of a person depicted with just a few strokes of the marks or which sometimes drastically summarize political conditions. Kurowski's motifs not only show the greedy entrepreneur with top hat and cigar, but also current, politically provocative posters that are still current today. The well-known announcements about the jazz carousel in Oberhausen are legendary. His nudes reveal a deep understanding of human anatomy and the large-format paintings on the collapse of collieries in the Ruhr area are evidence of an eventful time.


The city of Oberhausen acquired the estate of Walter Kurowski (1939–2017) with over 3,000 works in 2017. This presentation is the first time KURO presents its full artistic breadth. In addition to the concise caricatures and haunting posters, prints and paintings also bear witness to the importance of his more than 50 years of work.


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