Großes Schloss (Aktuell)


Zappel-Philipp, Paulinchen and Hanns Guck-in-die-Luft between fascination and bugbear from Hoffmann to Böhmermann

22.09.2019 bis 12.01.2020


Just look who is standing here, ugh the Struwwelpeter! Many children have grown up with this sentence introducing the story of the Struwwelpeter. In 1844, the psychiatrist Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann invents not only the story of the boy who does not let his hair nor his nails cut but also several other characters of this kind. Johnny Head-in-Air as well as the fidget are some of them that still have its impact on the German language usage until today. With his storytelling picture book Hoffmann creates a work which people appreciate but also criticize. It both fascinates and shudders readers until today.



The concept of the Struwwelpeter that Heinrich Hoffmann has created is adapted until today. For more than 150 years it inspires other artists to develop new variations of this classic. This exhibition in particular combines early drawings with current Struwwelpeter publications thereby stressing the wide range and topicality of this subject.



Once again, the LUDWIGGALERIE dedicates an extensive exhibition to an essential part of German picture book and illustration history.

Kleines Schloss (Aktuell)

Simon Schwartz – Geschichtsbilder. Comics & Graphic Novels

In cooperation with Angermuseum, Erfurt

29.09.2019 bis 19.01.2020


Hamburg illustrator Simon Schwartz became known to wider circles with his debut publication drüben! (“The Other Side of the Wall”), the autobiographical story of his parents' departure from the GDR. In a tightly-knit narrative of touching images he tells of both the emotional and practical problems of such a journey, which do not stop at breaks in his own family. Partly depicted from the perspective of the child, a difficult and life-impacting decision is described in a highly sensitive way. Schwartz has in the meantime created an extensive and broad oeuvre which in this exhibition is presented in its various facets.



The exhibition illuminates how Schwartz has become one of the most important graphic illustrators and authors of his generation. Stories with a historical background such as the extensive graphic novels Packeis (“First Man: Reimagining Matthew Henson”) and IKON are as much a part of his repertoire as narrations on a single page, as typified in the collections of the volumes Vita Obscura and Das Parlament. Extensive research always accompanies his work, and his GESCHICHTSBILDER (“Historical images”) are told not only in haunting language but above all in striking images. Schwartz is masterly in the discipline of page tectonics and finds precisely the right layout for all of his biographies.



The exhibition, created in cooperation with Angermuseum in Erfurt, the birthplace of Simon Schwartz, once again presents a renowned German comic strip artist in the LUDWIGGALERIE.



The exhibition is supported by the Friends of the LUDWIGGALERIE. WDR 3 is the cultural partner.


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