Großes Schloss (Aktuell)

THE GESTURE Art between celebration, gratitude and pensiveness

Masterpieces from the Peter and Irene Ludwig Collection On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the LUDWIGGALERIE Schloss Oberhausen

23.09.2018 bis 13.01.2019


LUDWIGGALERIE will be 20 next year and is celebrating this with a major theme exhibition. That art in all times and cultures viewed gesture as one of the most important means of expression was a fact already known to Leonardo da Vinci: art is a "silent" form of literature. Facial expression, body language and gestures replace words and non-verbal communication is of central importance for fundamentally getting along with each other. Gestures are the general means of comprehension, and in particular beyond the borders of language.


The name-giving collectors of the LUDWIGGALERIE, the Aachen married couple of Peter and Irene Ludwig, gathered together in their extensive art collection works from Antiquity to contemporary times, from pre-Columbian art to the European Middle Ages, from Cuba to Bucharest and from Picasso to the Russian avant-garde. Since the re-inauguration of the former municipal gallery as an exhibition building under the quality seal of the LUDWIGGALERIE, major exhibitions from the holdings have been repeatedly shown. The gesture of gratitude is surely not amiss, in addition to the sense of tension between celebration and pensiveness.


Ι Ellen Auerbach Ι Belkis Ayón Manso Ι Heike Kati Barath Ι Georg Baselitz Ι Thomas Baumgärtel Ι Caspar Benedikt Beckenkamp Ι Matthias Beckmann Ι Anne Berning Ι Robert Bosshard Ι Claudio Bravo Ι Pieter Brueghel Ι Gudrun Brüne Ι Franz Anton Bustelli Ι Carlo Cignani Ι Cornelis van Dalem Ι Walter Dohmen Ι Albrecht Dürer Ι Erró Ι Semëon Natanovič Fajbisovič Ι Gérard Gasiorowski Ι Sighard Gille Ι Peter Gilles Ι Karl Otto Götz Ι Bob Gruen Ι Johannes Grützke Ι Eckart Hahn Ι Keith Haring Ι Xenia Hausner Ι Bernhard Heisig Ι Gottfried Helnwein Ι David Hockney Ι Ottmar Hörl Ι Lambert Hopfer Ι Thomas Huber Ι Daniel Josefsohn Ι Claudia Kaak Ι Kirsten Klöckner Ι Germaine Krull Ι Monika Lioba Lang Ι Roy Lichtenstein Ι Richard Lindner Ι André Lützen Ι Wolfgang Mattheuer Ι Dóra Maurer Ι Meister des Sinziger Kalvarienberges Ι Johann Peter Melchior Ι Pedro de Mena Ι Heiner Meyer Ι Herman van der Mijn Ι Edvard Munch Ι Reiner Nachtwey Ι Ernst Wilhelm Nay Ι C. O. Paeffgen Ι Otto Pankok Ι A. R. Penck Ι Pablo Picasso Ι Raimondo Puccinelli Ι Marcanton Raimondi Ι Werner Reuber Ι Gerhard Richter Ι Johanna Roderburg Ι Michail Nikolaevič Romadin Ι James Rosenquist Ι Andreas Rosenthal Ι Svetlin Rusev Ι Laurentius Russinger Ι Gunter Sachs Ι Jürgen Schäfer Ι Egon Schiele Ι Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Ι Bernard Schultze Ι Emil Schumacher Ι Anton Sohn Ι Klaus Staeck Ι Volker Stelzmann Ι Franz von Stuck Ι David Teniers Ι Myriam Thyes Ι Hann Trier Ι Simon Troger Ι Werner Tübke Ι Dietmar Ullrich Ι Andy Warhol Ι Jacob Willemsz. de Wet Ι Su Xinping Ι Hanefi Yeter Ι Dmitry Zhilinsky Ι

Kleines Schloss (Aktuell)


RUHR-CHEMIE in photography – in cooperation with the LVR Industry Museum Oberhausen

16.09.2018 bis 24.02.2019


On the 90th anniversary of Ruhrchemie, LVR Industriemuseum and LUDWIGGALERIE present a twin exhibition for the first time dedicated to this important industrial sector as captured in photography. Since Ruhrchemie AG established itself in Oberhausen-Holten in 1928, many photographers from highly diverse professions – both amateurs and professionals and with or without commissions – have photographed the people working there and the products created. These also include prominent names such as Albert Renger-Patzsch, Hugo Schmölz, Robert Häusser and Ludwig Windstosser. The heterogeneity of the images is what makes the presentation so fascinating – with some of the photos of unknown protagonists being rather peculiar.


The exhibition in the Kleines Schloss of the LUDWIGGALERIE and the nearby Peter Behrens building is connected by a recently laid historic path. In this way, going from one part of the exhibition to the other can also be accompanied by industrial history.


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