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Located within the romantic Kaisergarten, the neoclassical Schloss Oberhausen with its fenestrated 'showcase' construction by the architects Eller and Eller represents a wonderful setting for art. Nature and architecture unite as one, offering an all-round experience for visitors. The Kaisergarten, designed at the close of the 19th century for public use, includes the last remains of the historic Emscher River. The population of mature trees still harks back to its planting according to the style of English landscape gardening. The zoo with free admittance is particularly popular for family trips.

The Ludwig Galerie Schloss Oberhausen is connected directly with the Gasometer and the Neue Mitte Oberhausen via a route following the Rhein-Herne Canal. The Gasometer is not only Europe's largest exhibition hall but also an outstanding landmark and one of the central emblems for the structural transition of the region. Here the transition can be easily comprehended from a society characterised by agriculture to a hotpot of coal and steel and then to today's service industry metropolis incorporating the CentrO shopping and leisure centre.

[A combination ticket for the Gasometer and Ludwig Galerie suggests visiting both locations.]

The Schloss Oberhausen Memorial Hall is situated in the southern side wing of the Small Castle. It was inaugurated on the 2nd September 1962, on the 100th anniversary of the existence of the community of Oberhausen. Responsibility for the Holocaust carried out by Germans and in the name of Germany should not fall into oblivion, and for this reason the City of Oberhausen is aware of its obligation that this excruciating breach of civilisation represented by the Holocaust must never again be repeated. Added to this was a desire for reconciliation with the victims of the Nazi regime. The stipulation of the City Council that the civic Memorial Hall represent the historic, geographical and cultural centre point of the city was met with the inauguration of the Memorial Hall in Schloss Oberhausen.

The Memorial Hall is closed until 2010 as a result of the new concept and accompanying renovations.

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The museum's educational events still take place.



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Because of the romantic flair of the castle and the bordering Kaisergarten, the Wedding Hall housed in the northern curved arch is one of the most popular sites in the Oberhausen vicinity for getting married.

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