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Dialogue guides age with appropriate didactic-methodical and practical design offers - even during the holidays!
90 minutes: €20 plus discounted entry of €1 per student
Tue - Fri 10-11:30, 11: 30 am-1 pm, 13-14:30.
In the afternoon, weekend and holidays on request.



POP ART: workshop

Welcome to the "factory"!

Power prints, pop shop store, grid, dots, journal, types and Pop Star Megamania: experimentation in the station operating

Screen printing, photo prints, painting and drawing: Logo signs and buttons, CD cover and wall decals, star portraits in the pop art style with neon drawing, printing and Overpainting

90 minutes

Kindergarten, elementary school, sec I sec II,

POP ART fans of all ages


POP ART - trash & trendy

Consumption binge in the discussion

There are the 60s, where motifs of everyday life, consumption and the mass media are finding their way into art. The artists of pop art created current certificates of the mass society. Consumption binge, but also departure and protest movement of youth are reflected in art. We try how pop is kind of part of a glamour world and at the same time the expression of criticism in the discussion to answer.

60 minutes



POP talk: English

For students: Let's get loud, let's talk POP!

A guided tour through the exhibition

60 minutes



POP 10: Charts

Students curate and present the TOP 10 of the current exhibition: the LUDWIG CHARTS!

After a tour with a focus on TOP 10 of the current exhibition small teams of curators meet their own choice. The favorite works of art are presented then the whole group. The focus is the content information as well as the performance front of the artworks with exercises for the body language.

The curators of Selfies by themselves and their favorite works on the Facebook page of the LUDWIG Gallery can make the final.

TOP 10: 180 minutes €40 + €1 entrance

TOP 5: 90 minutes, €20 + €1 entry

Elementary school from grade 3

New: children's birthday at the LUDWIG Gallery

POP ART: party

120 minutes, cost: €82 plus erm. Entrance €1 per child


FerienWorkshop airbrush & clad

Tue and Wed, 22 / 23.03.2016, 11-14: 00

Screen printing workshop for children and young people from the age of 10.

8-10 children and young people

Director: Nicole Heyduk

Cost: €24 plus erm. Entrance €1 per participant

Registration no later than March 1, 2016


Screen printing 1 Introduction to the technique of screen printing

Saturday, April 9, 2-5 pm

The participating print tote bag or bring your own, already washed T-Shirts with prepared seven.

Participating families and enthusiasts of 12 years, 12-16

Management: Thomas trees, Gitta Winhuysen

Cost: €20 plus erm. Entrance €1 per participant

Location: LUDWIG Gallery, Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 46, 46049 Oberhausen

Registration no later than March 1, 2016


Screen printing 2 - multicolor screen printing

Fri, 22 April 16-8: 00 and sat 23 April 14-18 h

The participants create their own print screens, printed either on paper or fabric. Please bring cloth bags or already washed T-Shirts.

Participating young people and adults from the age of 14, 10-12

Management: Thomas trees, Gitta Winhuysen

Cost: €30 per person

Location: Urban school Oberhausen, Grevenstr 36, 46045 Oberhausen

Registration no later than March 1, 2016


Sunday, may 1, 3 pm 5 pm

FACTORY-DAY - sponsored by the circle of friends

serienDRUCK, egoPRINTS, and farbFABRIK: For children and adolescents aged 6-16. Free of charge in connection with admission to the Museum


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