Public guided tours
Sundays and holidays 11: 30 am
free of charge in connection with admission to the Museum

Bookable guided tours for groups / adult

Di-, 11-18 clock, CA. 60 min.
€45 plus erm. Admission €4 per person



Guided tours
60 min, 45 € plus erm. Admission €4 p. P.
Regina Relang - staged elegance


exhibition tour
Fashion photography as time mirror

thematic tour
"Regina Relang"


▶ new: from the castle to the Museum - a small journey through art and history in historical costumes.

Guided tours for people with dementia. To discover there are:
• Art in the Castle
• Art in the Park
• Art to be touched
Up to eight people with dementia with up to eight companions.
90 minutes, € 90 plus erm. Admission €4 p. P.



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