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Vernissage: Saturday 23 September 2017, 7 p.m.


The very optimistic pessimist
24 September 2017 to 7 January 2018


Who is not acquainted with the wordless Knollennasen who know how to tell as much gestures and interact with their environment with facial expressions. Guillermo Mordillo, born 1932 in Buenos Aires, his spherical pieces for decades has pointedly in the image and spreads out the topics this far: people with their small characteristics are lovingly used in scene, moving into the often surreal worlds of created by find love with their trials and tribulations, animals with human characteristics, football, and golf, as well as political motives.

Not superficial and can be grasped quickly invite his likable protagonists to smile and reveal just as often a deeper substantive meaning. In his paintings, he brings not only unequal things surreal manner in accordance, but can cope with large and small obstacles of everyday life his characters with ease. Free after his saying "Humor is the spirit which turns pirouettes in the middle of the eternal dance of life", operates Mordillo world pain and melancholy in opposites with just this humor and offers the possibility to counter the pessimism of everyday life with optimism the viewers as a result. In his drawings, often at the same time profound as funny, he told little stories from the life and completely without words.

About 150 of the rare originals, are brought together in the exhibition and provide an insight into the work of the international and numerous award-winning artist. Pictures from creative periods in Buenos Aires, Lima, New York, Paris and Monaco offer an overview of his diverse work.

For the first time for 25 years, a comprehensive exhibition shows a retrospective selection of his originals in a German Museum. In addition to early black and white drawings, numerous colourful imagery, current inroads into the LUDWIG Gallery. Jungle, desert island, pirate ship and big city waiting to be discovered!

The exhibition is sponsored by the Peter and Irene Ludwig Stiftung and WDR 3.

In cooperation with the Museum of caricature of Krems.

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